Meat Eater —-> Vegetarian —-> Pescetarian

Recently I was asked to write a post on my reasoning for being a vegetarian and how I transitioned, so here it is! Honestly a lot of people now-a-days are becoming vegetarians to have more of a plant-based diet. I don’t dislike meat, I’m just an animal lover, and ever since I was younger I told my parents I wasn’t going to eat meat. So one day a long time ago I made up my mind. It wasn’t really a transition period for me, it more was like a sudden stop. When I first stopped eating meat I stopped eating all of it. But being a vegetarian and getting the correct nutrients into your body that it needs was difficult for me. I was playing soccer, volleyball, running track, riding horses during the summer and taking all of my usual protein sources out of my diet definitely effected my body. My mom talked to me and told me it was a good idea for me to start eating seafood again, that way my body could get some of its needed protein from there and also a lot of awesome nutrients that fish and shellfish have. At the time I wasn’t fond of the idea but I have stuck with it ever since.

Even though I personally didn’t transition over a period of time, I know people who have and I think one of the best ways to start to transition is to cut red meat out of your diet. Some red meats are high in saturated fat and there are many speculations that the consumption of red meat is linked to heart disease and even certain cancers. Once you cut out red meat the rest should be easier for most people.

Since I don’t eat meat I take some vitamins to make up for the nutrients my body lacks because of that. I take a B-12 supplement and an iron supplement, both of which are prevalent in meat sources. If you lack certain vitamins such as iron your body can develop a deficiency such as anemia which can actually cause further health problems so its very important to give your body proper nutrition after you fully cut meat out of your diet. In addition to that its important to still give your body enough protein and other then seafood I get a lot of mine from beans, nuts and protein bars.


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