Kelsey ArmHi, my name is Kelsey, and I am a 22-year-old college student with a passion for food and a love for animals. I live in Tampa, Florida and started kelseykooks on instagram in June of 2014, while I was home in Pennsylvania during my school’s summer break. I am a pescatarian, so while I don’t eat any red meat, pork or poultry, I do eat seafood.

Not only am I passionate about food, but I’m passionate about where the food comes from, what is put into the food, and how the animals in the food industry are treated. I believe in the importance of eating fresh, raw and organic ingredients and supporting your local farms, businesses and communities. Many people are unaware of the dangerous things in some foods and the good things in others, and I think education and awareness are the first steps to a healthier you.

Cooking is easier than you may think, and eating healthier foods isn’t as expensive as it is thought to be, and kelseykooks is here to show you that.