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Eating Healthy While on Vacation

Trying to eat healthy is a challenge in our fast paced and busy world. When you’re constantly living on the go, in your car and at work its hard to plan ahead and pack healthy food to keep you from wandering over to your nearest fast-food restaurant on your only hour long break for the day. As hard as it is to eat healthy on an everyday basis, its equally if not even more hard to eat healthy while you’re on vacation. This past weekend was Easter weekend (doubly whammy for me with vacation and a holiday at the same time) and my family came down to Florida where I live and my family, boyfriend and I drove a few hours to Anna Maria Island for around a week.

I think one of the most difficult parts about eating while on vacations is the fact that you want to eat out so often. Im lucky in this aspect because my whole family loves to cook so whenever we go on vacations we make sure our hotel or rental house has at least a small kitchen so we can cook our own food for the most part. The whole week we made our own food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then we ate out once on Saturday. This makes vacation eating so much easier because you can control your portions and what you eat.  Its important to try and squeeze in fruits and vegetables at least once during every meal even if its just an apple or a few carrots. While I did very well with eating healthy during most of my meals its also hard to cut back on the snacking. We had lots of chips and other quick snacks in our cottage and while i know it isn’t necessarily good to snack on those things, don’t completely cut yourself off from enjoying some foods you don’t usually eat. Its a vacation for a reason! Enjoy a few chips if you want to and then work even harder to burn them off the next morning! If you are actually eating out while you’re on vacation just make healthier choices! Get something from the “light” menu. Get your fish or chicken grilled instead of fried. Choose broccoli instead of french fries. Small decisions like that can be the difference of 200 calories or more on your plate.

Below are pictures of some of the foods that I made and ate while i was on my vacation this past week :)

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